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Martyna Brodhurst

Managing Director

Love your old sofa or chair but worried it's beginning to look a little bit worse for wear? Why replace it when you can reupholster it! Our quality upholstery service can make any piece of furniture look as good as new - perhaps even better.

When your favourite items of furniture are beginning to wear, our expert upholsterers can bring them back to life. Whether it's a sofa, set of dining room chairs or headboards and pelmets of any shape or size, we can lavish them in a range of suitable fabrics to bring them back into line with your carefully crafted interior.

But this service isn't just restricted to worn out furniture. If you've got a new piece but just aren't happy with the colour, we can apply the same great service, lovingly reupholstering your item in a quality fabric that complements your interior.

For more information on out upholstery service or to find out what we can do for your furniture, visit us in store and we'll show you how we can get your furniture back to looking its best.    

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