Add the final finishing flourish

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Martyna Brodhurst

Managing Director

Whether you need to add that finishing touch to your latest design or have noticed that one of your favourite design features needs a bit of TLC, we have a range of trimmings available in a vast array of styles, fabrics and colours to complement any design.

Add a touch of glamour to curtains, blinds, upholstery, cushions and anything else in your home with trimmings from our expansive range. From cords, ribbons and motifs to buckles and buttons, our collection can help you add that final flourish to perfect your design.

Not sure what your design needs? A member of our team will be happy to disperse their expert advice, showing you a selection of trimmings that you may never have considered to add that finishing touch.

Tiebacks and Trimmings

Add colour with complimentary tassel ties and fringing.

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