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Martyna Brodhurst

Managing Director

Our comprehensive collection of linings and sundries includes everything you need to produce high quality, professional-looking curtains and blinds. Available to suit a range of budgets and styles, you’ll find everything you need at Drapewell Interiors.

Curtain Linings

Our extensive range of curtain linings contains a range of different styles, fabrics and colours to suit any number of tastes and budgets. Linings protect the main fabric from the effects of sunlight prolonging life and increasing drapability. Sateen lining protects the fabric, while the thicker thermal lining gives more insulation.  Blackout lining does just what it says and cuts out all light through the curtains - don't forget though there will always be some light 'bleed' round the edges of the curtain!

Our interlined curtain are the ultimate in luxury giving the curtains wonderful drape and amazing insulation.


With a wide range of sundries, Drapewell Interiors has nearly every component you will need to fashion your own interior designs. However you're redecorating your home, we can provide you with all of the essentials, including needles, pins, hooks, tape, adhesives, buttons and much, much more.

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